Lori and her toes

We stopped in Salem to see how Mom was doing after her and Don were sick last week. We had a nice visit and Lori came over for dinner with her mom, step-dad and Dennis. Lori had surgery (story to come later) on her foot so her Mom came out from Michigan to help with the recovery.

This is a observation from Da BigDog.
Whats with the toes from the Kohos, Dennis brakes his toe when we did the PCT last summer and now Lori. BigDog thinks it's the water.

                                                         Lori's toes and CowPi's toe

           Day one photo                         You can see on day 5 that the
                                                         bruising is blooming.

we all ways have a nice dinner when we go

Edna Lori's mom

Russell, Edna and Dennis                         

playing dominoes