Petersen Car Auction

I'm helping with the Petersen Car Auction Group and Eugene Roadster with their website so I get to see a lot of cool cars. This week the car auction was held in Salem, Or. and while I was taking photos for the website Kenny and Shayen stopped by to take me out for lunch.


1955 Chev and a 1956 Ford PU

1926 Ford PU and a 1970 Dodge

my favorite a 1956 T-Bird and Kenny and Shayen

1971 Dodge and a 1964 Corvette

1969 Camaro 427 and a 1957 Chev

1969 Chevelle 396 and a 1968 Corvette

1966 Mustang and a 1932 Ford

1948 Ford and a 1957 Chev