Sage and Lydia Eugene visit

Sage got a haircut today for our vacation

went to Lone Pine Farm again today after they fixed lunch for Karyl


went to Lone Pine Farm to feed the goats, play on the playground and buy veggies

feeding the climbing goats

          "that's a dark hole"

Sage "please push me"                                                                           

topped off the trip with some ice cream and then a swim in the pool


Sage cooking breakfast for us in Sunriver before we head home to Eugene

we went to Sunriver for the weekend and had a bike ride and then BBQ on the back patio

went swimming at the South Sunriver pool


Lydia and Sage


getting ready for the All Comers Track Meet at Hayward Field in Eugene

Lyndsey getting ribbon for the long jump and Sage doing the long jump

track fans

Lyndsey in the long jump and Sage in the 60 meters


Sage and Lyndsey playing in the pool

got out of the water to get warm


helped Curt in his shop with his hotrods

filled the pool up, washed the driveway off and played in the sand box

Grandpa hide some coins in the sand box for Sage to find

Sage in the backyard pool