2009 Pacific Crest Trail Hike

August 2009 - BigDog and SilverFox are going to try and hike from Willamette Pass to Diamond Lake on the Pacific Crest Trail a total of about 63 miles in 5 days.








SilverFox and Don who dropped us off

                                                                                    as you can see by our packs
                                                                                   we are heading for trouble

BigDog filling out the permit                 SilverFox at traihead          are we there yet?

looking at Midnight Lake and checking the map

we met two thur hikers that started in Mexico and Yoran Lake with Diamond Peak

   the first sign of trouble a blister on SilverFox's foot   Diamond Peak which we have to hike a round      

Willamette Pass ski area and a rock slide on Diamond Peak

stopped for cold water coming out of the base of Diamond Peak

going down the back side of Diamond Peak we came to a lot of downed tree on the trail

Met a hiker that was hiking just the PCT in Oregon and celebrating
his 65th birthday on the trail. He told us about Hops a Trail Angel
at Summit Lake that was serving beer, water, pop and hamburgers.

we planned on stopping at Marie Lake for the night 15 miles in on the
hike, but the thought of beer and pop just 2 hours away was to much
so we keeped going.                                                                
Hops the Trail Angel did the PCT from Mexico to Canada last year.

After doing 20 miles on the first day we were ahead of schedule
so we got up ate and hit the trail. After about 2 miles the blisters on
SilverFox's feet started to break and BigDog got jock rash. We decided
to go back to Summit Lake and call for ride out.

When we got back to Summit Lake Hops was getting the burgers
ready for the thur hikers that were starting to come in

Thur hikers Don and Paul and a hiker that come over from England to do the PCT.

leaving the hikers and one of the SilverFox's many blisters

What we learned after we did 24 miles

need to get our backpacks down to 30 - 35#
need to change our socks at lunch time
need to take rash cream
and take our time and enjoy the time on the trail