PCT Hike 2010

August 10-11, 2010 - Silverfox (Brad) and BigDog (Ron) headed out for the annual PCT hike. We started out at Highway 20 and planned on hiking to Elk Lake with a side trip to South Sister to climb it. This was a very hard hike for Da BigDog with having to hike thru miles of burned trees from the forest fire of 2004. And the 5 mile of lava fields just before highway 242 did the OldDog in. Had to make a phone call to come get me, it was not safe for Silverfox to hike by himself so he can out to. Brad's pictures

              the start of our hike                              found coolers with pop and water for the hikers

the first night camp spot was above the snow, that should have been hint how cold the night would be

getting water from the Washington pond and getting ready for bed

Mt. Washington from our camp site, putting on the tape and started the hike in the burn

break time, Sisters from the burn and the Sisters from the lava field

Mt. Washington where we spend the night and starting the hot lava section

this is the part of the hike that did Da BigDog in             waiting for a ride out

our 65 mile hike ended of being 19 miles, this was the last PCT hike for Da OldDog