The PCT started out as a hike and became an adventure for BigDog and Cowpi. The 2657 mile long Pacific Crest Trail stretchs from the Mexican border to Canada and on the average only 175 hikers finish each year. We would like to thank all the people that helped us on the trail. The horse riders that told us what was a head of us, the 4 wheelers that gave Bigdog a ride to a camp with the cold Pepsi and Dr. Pepper and the guy in the Jeep that pulled our car out of the sand.
we started with a smile and a 50 pound backpack
setting up camp on the first night
going threw a big burn area, the burnt trail signs sometimes made it hard to go on side trails
South Sister
very hot with no shade
found someones brand new hiking boots and pants
second night we stayed at Irish Lake 7 miles in to the hike
Cowpi getting some water for dinner we had a outhouse with TP
we could not tell you how bad the mosquitoes were, but maybe some photos would help
camp graffiti
dinner time
stopped to get gas and Cathy said hi to BigDogs co-worker John Cowpi had an unfortunate incident that unexpectedly and cut our hike short. Turns outs it's a broken toe from a snap of the tendon.
after Cowpi's ugly toe, Bigdog hiked out to get the car and ran into a threw hiker on the trail. Asked how far he was going and he said Canada and was going to stay at Elk Lake that night. We planned on taking three days to make it to Elk Lake he was going to do it in a day.
we made to Elk Lake not on foot but by car, we are still smiling