Odell Lake camping trip

August 22 - 23, 2010 - We went to Odell Lake for a camping trip with Dennis and Lori. Odell Lake is about 90 miles east of Eugene at the Willamette pass. This was Lyndsey's first camping trip and she loved it.

stopped at Salt Creek Falls on our way to Odell Lake

helping Grandpa put up the tent

having lunch while waiting for Lori and Dennis                           they're here

went to Crescent Lake to look around because it was so cold and windy at Odell

went to the resort that night to stay warm and Lyndsey found someone to read to her

still throwing rocks at sunset

getting cleaned up before bed, Lyndsey looked at the dirty water and said "where my feet"

            heading to bed                                waking up to 29 degrees

went to the resort for breakfast

enjoying the sun shine

playgrounds                                         lunch       

photos by Lyndsey

S'More and going for a walk

fixing lunch                                                     a great first camping trip for Lyndsey