Lyndsey's August visit

August 19, 2011 - Today we went to the fair.

checking out the animals

watching the baby chicks hatch

trying to milk a goat, could she be a FFA

found one her size                                                                 


to short for this ride                                       found one her size                

                                                                   Grandpa helped her win a prize

last ride of the day and had to share with two other kids

mom said Lyns had to get elephant ears and getting cleaned up

August 18, 2011 - Put up her tent, took Grandma to lunch, Curt and Susan gave Lyns some pom poms

found her tent in the morning and had to put it up

Elmo had poopy pants and had to change them

Curt and Susan stopped by and gave Lyns some pom poms

August 17, 2011 - Today went to work with Grandma, rode bikes, went swimming and stopped for ice cream.
sorry did not take pictures

August 16, 2011 - Today we rode our bikes, went to Chuck E. Cheese and played in the water.

a sketch at Chuck E. Cheese                                   running in the front yard sprinklers

August 15, 2011 - Went for a walk about, went to Lone Pine Farms, filled the pool and played in the sand box.

a walk about                                    My Little Pony's                         shooting baskets

went to Lone Pine Farms to feed the goats and play

                                                                                            checked out the fish

                       got a bag of gemstones       put the bag in a screened box and put it in the water

water washed all the dirt away                                picking out all the pretty stones       

                                                                                             this one looks like it could be gold

had a ice pop in her camping chair                    filling the pool up                                 

                                                  working on her headers

all ways have time for her sand box