Lyndsey's December Visit  


Dec.15 - Today we went to Gateway Mall to check out the play area, went to Grandma's Christmas party
and went to Grandma's soccer game.

Gateway Mall play area

                                                                                                   pretty Christmas dress for Grandma's Christmas party

Grandma's soccer game

 Dec. 14 - Today we colored, play dah, went Valley River Mall to play in the play area and waved at Santa when she walked by. After playing she wanted to set on Santa lap, I thought she would change her mind when she got there but she did it and I did not have my camera. After Grandma got home we went to the wave pool.

Dec. 13 - Toys for Tots, Chuck E. Cheese, made popcorn and watched The Polar Express.

picked out some toys for "TOYS FOR TOTS"

stopped for lunch at Chuck E. Cheese

good pizza                                           watched The Polar Express for movie night                     

Dec. 12 - Wrapped presents, went up in to the attic to look around, fed horses, ride bikes,
looked at Christmas lights and played hide & seek.

Lyndsey watching a hummingbird and the hummingbird watching Lundsey

the wind was cold today

Dec. 11- Lyndsey went to Kim's baby shower with Grandma and then come to Eugene for a visit.
finished decorating the Christmas tree

                                                                put Christmas stockings up

new PJs