Lyndsey's November visit

Nov. 11, 2010 - Lyns went to work with Grandma today and then we went to feed the horses. Lunch next

off we go to see the horses                                  the horses see us and come running

                                                    apples and carrots all gone

Nov. 10, 2010 - Went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch

played with her kitchen


November 8, 2010 - put peanuts out for the birds and squirrels and went shopping.

feeding the birds and squirrels

putting a band aid on her toe from swimming

November 7, 2010 - first day to move the clocks back and Lyndsey got up early to wake us up.

found Mommy's Barbie dolls, my little ponys and Cabbage patch kids

folding towels

started the day off with painting her toes