Lyndsey's October Visit

Oct. 19 - We went swimming today.

waiting to get in the water

Oct 18 - A Beautiful day so we checked out some parks.


River Road Park

headed down to Lone Pine Farms, Lyns favorite play ground

                                                  hay maze

Oct. 17 - Fed horses, rode bike, flew kite, played in sand box and had fun.

walked down to feed the horses

tried to fly the kite

eating peanuts

Oct. 16 - Went to Lone Pine to get a couple of pumpkins.

little Betsy playing with her barbie dolls                       feeding the goats                                 

                                              got some popcorn

waiting to get on the horse hay wagon                   riding out to the pumpkin patch

picking out a pumpkin

running in a maze

showing how she could jump

playing in her sand box

Oct. 15 - We met Betsy and Lyndsey in Keizer for the hand off. Got back to Eugene to late to make it to Lone Pine so we will go on sunday.

              played with bubbles                                  finger nail polish
while eating dinner a hummingbird stopped by