Lyndsey's January 2012 Visit

Jan. 20 - Play-Doh time, swimming, make up and movie night.

play-doh time

putting make up on her My Little Ponies                                             movie night with her new Build-A-Bear

Jan. 19 - took Grandma to lunch and then went to Chuck E. Cheese's

Jan. 17 & 18 - We danced, colored, Play-Doh , went to Grandma's last soccer game and stayed home because we got to much rain.

Play-Doh time

coloring in the morning                                               Dancing Queen music started so off she went                      

went to Grandma's last soccer game                                   watched the kids play and wished she could play to                                                         

Jan. 16 - Played in the snow, played video games and went to Valley River Mall to play on the playground.

                                                                     blowing bubbles

playing with I-touch                                          Cat In Hat game

                                                      Valley River Mall

Jan. 15 - Today we played in the little snow that we got, flew the helicopter, went to the movie to see Beauty and The Beast and made cookies.

flew the helicopter

snow angel                                                   making snowballs 

walked down to check on the horses

hot cocoa after playing in the snow           going to her first movie                           making cookies                                                                            

Jan. 14 - Met Betsy and Lyns in Woodburn for the hand off this time. Did some shopping and had lunch before stopping at Moms for a visit.
Dennis stopped by Moms to say hi and invited us to stop by his house to see Lori.

play house at the Woodburn Outlet Mall

at Moms for a short visit and Dennis invited over to see Lori

Lori and her dogs

putting up her Princess playhouse in Eugene                                                   DQ treat

got the snow stuff ready for the big snow storm