South Sister Hike

September 4, 2010 - We left the parking lot at 7:06am and got back at 4:11pm, 9 hours and 13.5 miles. Elevation at the trailhead 5479 feet and at the top of South Sister was 10,370 feet. Almost 5000 feet gain in 6.25 miles is very hard.

                          sign tells it all

   we looked good at the start, Ron, Gary, Bill, Suzie and Lores

                                   stopped for a break               first 1.5 miles had a elevation gain of 1500 feet

the route that we take                           at 7000 feet and above the clouds

break at 7800 feet                    leaving the trees and in to the rocks

Bill and Suzie leading the way with hikers looking down at us, all the hikers behind us

at the top with a ice field to cross                                        Mt Bachelor      

Middle Sister and North Sister                                     Broken Top           

                      we made it                            GPS show 10,370 feet and one way of 7.33 miles

     leaving some of Jeff                          starting down which was hard because we fell a few times

we made it back for happy hour            Bill and Suzie