Mt. Jefferson Hike 2009

August 28 - 30, 2009 - This weekend I went on a 3 day hike in to the Jefferson wilderness area with the Obsidian Club. There was 7 hikers on this trip Scott the leader, Sue, Brad, Jack, Abby and her daughter Cady. We hiked over 23 mile with some of us doing more. For Brads version of the hike click here.

Scott filling out the permit and the red circle show where we set up camp

              and away we go                    hiked on part of the Pacitic Crest Trail

long uphill trail                         taking a water break         

came around the corner of the trail and there was Mt. Jefferson
Ron                                 Abby

the trail went through rock slides

Brad crossing a stream and a water break time

poor old bridge needs Gary's help

made it to the top and now we have to look for camping spot

found a nice spot on Bays Lake

Park Butte that Scott, Sue, Abby and Cady climbed

Russell Lake and Mt. Jefferson

at the top of the pass going into the Mt. Hood wilderness

we played in the snow and a great view of Mt. Jefferson

                                                                Brad went for a swim

the view from our camp site, Bay Lake and turn around and see Mt. Jefferson

the only bad thing about our camping spot was getting water                       group photo                    
we had to climb down a 60 foot rock bank to get to the water