Hood 2 Coast

August 28-29, 2010 - We went to Seaside Or. for a camping trip with Bruce and Cheri. When we got there we found out it was Hood 2 Coast weekend and brought back memories of when we ran it with Gary and Lores in 1995. The relay is 197 miles, 12,000 runners, Largest Relay in the World, From majestic Mt. Hood to beautiful Pacific Ocean in Seaside.

waiting for Bruce to fix breakfast                                                                       

bridge in Astoria Or. to the Washington side

Gracie and Cheri run on the beach

checking out the old ship wreck

heading down to the boardwalk for the party after the relay

watching the sunset on the finishers                                                             

and the party starts with the band Hit Machine                      Grandpa got a new car