Gary's Birthday Weekend

    Feb. 3-7, 2012 - Gary and Loris invited us to spend Gary's birthday party weekend at the Embarcadero in Newport, Or.
Gary's sisters, cousins and nephews were there all so. The weather was great with very little wind and not to hot in the 60s.
Crabbing was good with one night getting 8 in to the trap.

boats at the marina                                                                          pulling the crab traps

              Lores, Linda, Chris and Pam                           Chris fishing for crab and he caught some                    cooking the crab                 

            Gary and Pam checking the cooker                                                                                                                        all done                     

went for a walk on the beach

Gary's sisters Pam and Wal           


when the sun goes down it's party time

Lona was here                                                                                                                

                           nephew Braden pulled in a starfish                                                                  watching the Super bowl                               

best crabbing was at night

crabs running all over after pulling traps                                                                                                                  cleaning a big one

giving the stink eye                                                            opening presents