Timpanogos Cave

Timpanogos Cave National Monument sits high in the Wasatch Mountains. The cave system consists of three spectacularly decorated caverns. Helictites and anthodites are just a few of the many dazzling formations to be found in the many chambers. The only access to the cave system is by walking a strenuous 1 1/2-mile-paved trail, which rises 1,065 ft to an elevation of 6,730 feet above sea level. The round-trip hike and tour of the cave system takes about three hours. Mid-summer temperatures on the trail can reach 100 degrees F. However, temperatures in the caves average 45 degrees, so a sweater or light jacket is recommended.

off we go             different rocks we will see on the hike           tunnel

          snakes?                        can you see the fish fossil in the rock?

great view from the top

last chance potty stop                      we made it                                                

the pictures don't show how colorfully it was

tight fit