We went to Belton to see Jill, Sage and family. We went to three museums, soccer game and a cabin on a lake.

The weather was in 80's each day and did not rain untill we were heading home.

it took three months to dig it out of a

corn field that was buried for a 142 years

this is the snag that sunk the White Arabia

cool stuf that was buried for 142 years and dug up to put on display

only thing that died in the steamboat sinking, a mule

Negro Leagues Baseball museum

went to Mike and Traci's for Mike's birthday

the boys watching NCAA basketball game


went to Mom and Dads grave site

Chris and Roycie took us to a cabin on a lake

Chris shows Sage how to fish and he caught his first fish

took a walk after lunch

Sage shoots a basketball

school lunch with Sage

went to a professional soccer game Kansas City won 4- 0