Belton Missouri Trip

Jan. 21-26, 2010 - We took a quick trip to Belton to see Jill, Sage and family back there. Lyndsey was sick when we left Portland and Grandpa was sick when we got back to Oregon.

the park and fly place we stayed at in Portland had a cool spa

Sage opens his present from Curt & Susan       Lyndsey opens hers from Rozzie

playing cards

putting on Grandma's make-up                             dinner time                       

Kelly giving you what look                                                                                 

                                                                                            Grandma Kirk

Jill                              Grandma Kirk and Rozzie

playing games while waiting for Lyndsey to wake from her nap

Lyndsey does NOT like bugs (Sage's remote control spider)                                  

Lyndsey loved Lydia's phone        Lydia and Roycie                                            

Sage                      Karl                         Kelly                         

making a cake                  Lydia                            Roycie           Jacob

mom and sisters

             Royce and Sage making a car jump           Dillon        Erin            Rozzie                           

games before bedtime                                     4 watching the birds          

went to Sage's school to have lunch with him     spotted him coming down the hall                     

kids all wanted to be by Lyndsey

walking sage back to class

Erin, Karl, Kelly, Jill, Traci  lunch at Jack Stack     Lyndsey loved the onion rings

     Jacob                      Logan, Sage and Kattie

Roycie G. shows Karyl how to knit a hat                           

Lydia                 Lyndsey pets a blind and deaf cat