2011 Belton Trip

March 11 - 19, 2011 - We took our annual trip to Belton to see family and site see. The weather was up and down, from snow, rain, hail to sunny weather.

we started our trip with dinner in Portland with Bruce and Cheri

Rozzie and Damytri                        Jill                                Damytri and Sage

Kelly, Sage and Damytri                                                                 Erin

Shawn and Mike                             it was Mike's birthday when we got there

we loved to play games

Grandma Traci and Damytri            Grandma trying to take a nap

took a trip to the Federal Reserve Bank it is a very secured place, could not photos of staff or the vault

a gold bar

this what $40,000,000 look like                                                

looking at Presidential coins and we all got a bag of money when we left

it snowed one day

it's a tradition that we go to Jacks Shack for dinner

Erin and Jill                                                       Rozzie and Alex         

Sage had a basketball game when we were there fun watching the kids

                                              Roycie and Rozzie


thats all folks