Jetboat Excursion on the Rogue River

8/1/2009 - We went on a jetboat down the Rogue River from Grants Pass to Hellgate Canyon. We got wet from the big boat doing spins in the river, Sage loved it.

the night before our boat trip we went to look at Rogue River and skip some rocks

Sage did not want to get his shorts wet, still got wet

got there early so we could set in the front of the boat, Sage liked Grandpa's hat

jet boat arrives at the dock

look at all the people waiting to get on the next boat and heading down river ( boat captain lost his hat )

Osprey nest in a tree and on a bridge

many rafters went to the river trying to cool down from 100 degree weather
and some tried to to spray us with water

water over the side and front of the boat

heading out of Hellgate Canyon